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Web application development – Full stack web application development focused around MS-SQL backend databases (but could be most any data source backend), C#, ASP.NET, and AJAX.

Experience includes development of applications in support of IT security compliance. To date these have included:

User Access Tracking System

A extensive user access tracking system which was used by a Fortune 500 company to track authorization status and life cycling to notify users to resubmit for renewal of authorization in advance of expiration. This functionally included


Notifications of expiration:

  • 30 days prior to expiration to submit request for re-authorization if continued access is needed.
  • 14 day notice of pending termination of access rights.
  • 3 day notice of pending termination of access right.


Termination of access due to exit from the organization. This included:

  • Notification to all systems or persons responsible for maintaining access control to terminate the account(s).
  • Documentation of the laps time between notification and confirmation of termination for each access point.
  • Where possible the app would automate the triggering of the termination for systems having that capability.


Request submission either by manager, or individual. Recording all necessary information to properly document the users request and track it through to resolution. 


Approval processing. This process included:

  • Tree walk the meta directory to determine the users management chain.
  • Notifying the approving authority of the request upon submission.
  • Provide an AM summary of all outstanding requests that are in the queue for approval.
  • If approval required multiple levels of authorization this notification process would repeat for each successive level.
  • Record the approvals or if denied record the reason for denial of access.
  • Subsequently notify the requestor and their immediate manager of the outcome of the authorization process.


Provide reporting and metrics for access authorizations as well as real time query by user and/or resource. Reporting for various platforms that organization required supplemental reporting that wasn’t provided by the system in question, but that could be tabulated based on available authoritative data. Documentation apps that would record information and then provided for status reporting and tracking processes and triggers through the workflow.