The Blog has been Renamed, Moved and Expanded

Renaming: The new name is Selah Musings - Which is also the name of the blog site itself. The word Selah is from the Hebrew and is a pause or rest most typically found in Psalms.  Musing is a form of contemplation or mediation. So the purpose of Selah Musings is to establish a spot on the internet to pause, consider scriptural truths and discuss them if we like. Find the main page at Selah Musings.

The Blog: As stated above the new Name of the blog is the same as the site. The Article selection page is at Selah Musings Blog.

The Expansion: I've added to the site a section for individual testimonies of Christians.  Every Christian has a story; a testimony. The site now has these listed at Testimonials. An if you, feel moved by the Holy Spirit to provide your testimony to be placed with the other there, you can find the instructions at Share Your Testimony.